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The CMS practitioner fees are AUD500.00 per hour.  (AUD2,000 per half day and AUD4,000 per day). This AUD500.00 per hour fee applies to all time spent by the practitioner in the following activities:

  • Meeting with the parties, individually in intake sessions or in joint / separate process sessions

  • Liaison with any party’s representatives with prior consent

  • Research and reading time if required

  • Telephone calls / email communication

  • Travel costs and travel time to conduct the process and as agreed in writing in advance

  • Preparation of related documents


The parties will pay for the time spent by the practitioner with each party individually and / or jointly.


The parties will pay for the daily room rate or the half day rate, as required. (* This is not required if this is an online Zoom process)


All fees will be paid in advance or within 14 days of an account being rendered unless special arrangements have been made in advance.


The parties will each pay a retainer / deposit of AUD2,000.00 per party as a retainer on account to confirm the appointment of Robyn Hooworth as the practitioner, and this payment will be made at least one week prior to the first appointment, including before the Intake sessions. These deposit monies are to be paid into the following bank account:

Westpac Bank Ashmore Branch. Account Name: Robyn Hooworth Pty Ltd.

Account Number:  BSB  034 230   Number: 301701

Cancellation/Postponement Fees


If the scheduled appointment / session is cancelled or postponed by a party/s within 2 working days prior to the scheduled meeting, the parties agree to pay 100% of a ½ day cancellation fee of AUD2,000.00 unless otherwise agreed by the practitioner in advance and for any unredeemable travel costs incurred.



To book an ADR, mediation, facilitation or FDR session, please contact Robyn Hooworth as per the contact details on the bottom of the page.

Fee and Booking Information

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