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CMS FDRPs / Mediators will try to assist people reach agreements about parenting arrangements or property & financial settlements so that couples do not have to go to court.

CMS FDRP's / Mediators are experienced in mediating between separated couples & understand the need for both parties to be able to express their view of the current situation. We respect that everyone's perspective, needs and interests maybe different & should be taken into account in the process.

CMS FDRPs / Mediators will make sure all the important issues are prioritised and spoken about.

CMS FDRPs / Mediators will control the mediation process so that you & your ex-partner talk in a constructive way about your current concerns & the proposed arrangements.

CMS FDRPs / Mediators enable you to
talk about your situation in "your own words" rather than have someone else (eg: Lawyer) speak for you

CMS FDRPs / Mediators recognise that no one
knows their children better than you, their Mum & Dad, so the decisions that are made are in your childrens best interests.

If an agreement is reached, CMS FDRPs /
Mediators will assist in the drafting of that agreement.

Why mediate your separation matters?



Mediation allows separated couples to make their own decisions around how they would like to resolve their post separation issues whether it be in relation to their children or in reaching an agreement in regards to property & financial settlement.

of Family Mediation with CMS


mediation can be arranged quickly to address parties needs & concerns at this difficult time.


mediation appointments can be organized to fit your business & family schedules - during business hours, evenings or Saturdays.


the mediation process is much quicker & cheaper than litigation.


modern offices/boardroom, telephone & video conferences.


you control any decisions/agreements & these can be created by you to suit your own family circumstances.

What Mediators Don't Do

   Give legal advice.

   Decide who is right & who is wrong.

   Make any decisions for you.

   Force you to reach an agreement.