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If you have recently separated & need assistance with either Children’s matters or in resolving Property & Financial matters, Collaborative Mediation Services (CMS) has specialised Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP’s) who can assist you in resolving Children's &/or Property & Financial matters without the need of going to court.

How can we at CMS assist you

Children are at their most vunerable when couples separate. Through the Mediation process CMS can assist you in resolving your parenting going forward, share your parental responsibilities & reach workable agreements (a Parenting Plan) that ensures that your children’s needs are put first. Parenting Plans contain mutually agreed decisions that ensure that your children's best interests remain paramount.



The division of your property & financial assets/liabilities following separation can be very stressful. CMS through the mediation process can assist you in resolving & reaching a property & financial settlement that is: just & equitable, takes into account each parties' contributions, meets your future needs and allows you to move forward with independance & certainty.

Since July 2007, when the Australian Federal Govt. introduced compulsory Family Dispute Resolution into the Family Law Act for disputes about parenting issues, the terminology to describe Family Mediation has been changed to Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) & family Mediators are now called Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. (FDRPs) All CMS professional Mediators are registered FDRPs with the Australian Attorney Generals Department in accordance with the Family Law Act, and as such are certified to issue 60i certificates in relation to children's matters if matters do not settle in Mediation. This enables an application regarding Children's matters to be filed in Court. The Family Law Act requires that parties attempt FDR for children's matters before proceeding to Court, except in cases of child abuse and/or family violence, urgent matters or where the FDRP asseses the situation to be unsuitable for Mediation.

What is Mediation / Family Dispute Resolution?