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Ability to communicate and resolve issues

Ability to cooperate & compromise on issues

Having respect for one another as a co-parent

Respecting each other's attitudes & values in relation to how they will parent their children

Ability to make arrangements work on a day to day basis

Ability to be flexible

Live within close proximity to one another or a workable 'distance' arrangement

Ability to make a co-parenting arrangement together, in a non conflict environment

Ability to make decisions that are genuinely in the best interests of their children

Ability to understand each child's developmental needs and appropriate care arrangements

Ability to place their children's interests over & above their own interests

Parenting Plan Considerations:

Shared parental arrangements are most effective where parents have some of the following characteristics:

Issues to Consider:

If you do not believe that equal time or substantial & significant time will be either:

     In your children's best interest; or

     Reasonably practicable (this means that it will
     when put into 'day to day' practice);

then you will need to give careful thought about how you will respond when these issues are raised for discussion.

How can we as parents, both have quality time with our children?

Is our concept of shared parenting realistic?
(will it really work)

How will it impact our children daily?

Will all family members be able to live with the Parenting Plan?

How will we share holidays?
(Xmas, Easter, birthdays, special days)?

How do we intergrate new partners into our blended family?